Harper Le Stud

   Welcome to the Flat Daddy Harper website!! It’s a real honor to share the best of our Prime Minister with you. Until now, only the elite and the die-hard (small-c) conservatives had any access to him. In short, they had his ear. With this website, you can get all of him.

How? Well Flat Daddies are life-sized images of a real person. They were created to help children retain a memory of their absent parents who are fighting in the war in Iraq. They’re encouraged to kiss and talk to them as a substitute for the real thing.

Canadian artists have been suffering for some time from an absence of recognition for their societal contribution. Flat Daddy Harper rectifies that. He’s interested in the Arts. He cares about the Arts. In fact, he’s committed to supporting the Arts.

So take a tour and visit Flat Daddy Harper making music, painting a picture – even reading a book!
You’ll see him doing all the things you’d like the Prime Minister of this great country to be doing – including listening to you and me.

Read testimonials from Canadians across the country.

Enjoy the tour.

Flat Daddy Harper is a creation of Kate Puxley. Please take a moment to read her bio.